Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Weight loss pill - Alli

For the first time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved an over-the-counter drug that's designed to block fat absorption in the body.

When combined with a healthy lifestyle, research shows Alli (orlistat) weight loss pill will boost weight loss by 50 percent.

"In real terms, that means if you would have lost 10 pounds with diet and physical activity, with diet, physical activity and Alli, you'll lose 15 pounds," says Gary Foster, Ph.D., an obesity researcher from Temple University in Philadelphia.

Alli works by blocking lipases, the enzymes that break down fat. The body excretes about 25 percent of the fat instead of absorbing it as calories. Users take the pills with meals.

The downside? About half the patients in clinical trials had loose stools or an oily discharge. Also, a month's supply could run as high as $60.

Wanda Hill is working on losing weight. She says she will not take weight loss pills to help her reach her goal. "When people begin to rely on a drug, what happens when you can no longer get that drug, or you can no longer afford that drug?"

Wanda is determined to shed 70 pounds the old fashioned way. She's counting calories and controlling her portions.

"To me it's a temporary thing -- a quick fix," she says of Alli.

But some disagree, saying Alli weight loss pill could live up to its name as a friend for those fighting fat. There are also many evidences that Alli really makes what it promises, and people even are ready to live along those side effects but have their body shedding extra pounds away effectively.

Alli is a reduced-strength version of the prescription drug orlistat. You're at highest risk for the side effects if you eat more than 15-grams of fat with your meals. Experts recommend taking a daily multivitamin like A, D, E and K to offset the loss of fat-soluble nutrients.

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