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Prescription Weight Loss Pills - Five Reasons to Not Use Them

Do you have problems losing weight ? It's okay, millions around the world face the same dilemma. Have you tried prescription weight loss pills to combat the seemingly never-ending battle of the bulge ? Well, although they are prescribed by your doctor and you may think they are safe, best to read the details below about what could happen to you in some cases.

1. Prescription weight loss pills can have very serious side effects.

Prescription weight loss pills are physically powerful treatments, and they come with many different side effects depending on the prescription diet pill and the patient that uses them. Each of us is different with different chemical balances in our bodies. This is one reason we go to the doctor to prescribe prescription weight loss pills.

Each prescription weight loss pill has the probability for causing dangerous side effects.
Some of the negative side effects of prescription weight loss pills can possibly be a brain hemorrhage, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, heart disease or even a stroke. Then there is always the possibility of developing headaches, with blurred vision, nervousness with symptoms of tremors and excessive perspiration, or tingling in lower limbs and extremities.

Other serious side effects from prescription weight loss pills can include insomnia, fatigue or hyperactivity. There are prescription weight loss pills that can disrupt the female menstrual cycle as well as cause urinary tract problems. Certain prescription weight loss pills leave you begging for mercy by causing you to feel that your guts are wrenching loose by intestinal problems such as violent diarrhea and vomiting as well as putting a harsh halt to your inner workings by suffering constipation.

2. Prescription weight loss pills can potentially lead to pills dependence.

Prescription weight loss pills that are predominantly stimulant based, are habit forming, and have the possibility of misuse. Any time a drug is abused it can lead to dependence upon that particular drug. Always ask you doctor if the prescription weight loss pill that you have been prescribed is a habit forming drug. If the prescription weight loss pill is addictive, ask your doctor what signs you should be forewarned.

Prescription weight loss pills should never be taken unless prescribed by a doctor and under his care.

3. Prescription weight loss pills can disrupt your metabolism.

Prescription weight loss pills work by suppressing the appetite, in other words, they keep you from feeling hungry. If you do not feel hungry, you do not eat. This seems like an elemental result for weight loss. However, when you cut calories by not eating as much your metabolism begins to slow down. While your metabolism slows down so does the amount of weight you loose. For this reason when people use prescription weight loss pills they can only loose so much weight and come to a plateau in their weight loss.

4. Prescription weight loss pills can cause your body to develop a tolerance to the drug.

Prescription weight loss pills are only meant to be effective for weight loss for a short period. Prescription weight loss pills normally are prescribed by doctors for use up to six months time. In this time frame, weight loss is calculated to be somewhere between five to twenty two pounds, or up to at least ten percent of your body weight.

If you develop a tolerance for a prescription weight loss pill, you may have to be put on a more physically powerful prescription weight loss pill, which could have even more severe side effects. Keeping a regular exercise plan in action after getting off prescription weight loss pills can help to keep the desired weight maintained.

5. Prescription weight loss pills are a profitable business.

Since Prescription weight loss pills are such a gainful business, technology is working harder every day to come up with some new and improved, amazing weight loss pill and pharmaceutical companies are steadily active in introducing even more products every day. There are estimated to be over 100 new prescription weight loss pills and treatments being developed or already in clinical study trials.

These highly trained professional people are making money off prescription weight loss pills whether they work for us or not. They are paid for prescription weight loss pills whether they cause us to become ill, develop disease or die from taking prescription weight loss pills or not.

The point is that because of our individual chemical makeup, there are many prescription weight loss pills that only work for a short time or endanger our health in one way or another with side effects. Developing a non-side effect and safe cure all prescription weight loss pills for weight loss would be miraculous and wonderful, but it is more than unlikely to be without a solution.

We may consider that adjusting our food intake and our energy output, may not be such a bad idea for weight loss after all. We could certainly put the money to other uses like furnishing ourselves a new wardrobe or buying a new entertainment center, while we wait.

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